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Hey! I'm Noah Smits, born in '86 and raised in Amsterdam πŸ‡³πŸ‡±

I studied music at the Conservatory of Rotterdam, signed a major label deal, and toured for a few years 🎸

Then, I opened a DJ school, a tattoo shop, and a marketing company that would become the leading music marketing agency in the country, working with the biggest artists 😎

Besides that, I distribute and publish music, manage talent, and educate makers through my masterclasses πŸŽ“

But most of all.. I'm a passionate international speaker about innovative media strategies through behavioral science and big data 🧠

Welcome to my website πŸŽ‰

Some of the beautiful companies, artists, and partners I've worked with

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Passionate about disrupting industries πŸ’Ό

I'm obsessed with creation. Whether it's creating music, designing brands, or starting businesses, I just need to create something that challenges our ways of doing things. Blending in is boring! Let's change the game!


Passionate about speaking on stage πŸŽ™

Once an artist, always an artist. As a former touring artist, I rediscovered my love for stage performance through public speaking. The art of educating people while entertaining them is something I've mastered over the years with a successful international College Tour and an invitation to SXSW as an official speaker.


Passionate about human behavior 🧠

Since 2017, I've been an advocate of using big data to understand people in order to create effective media. Distributing content based on insights from behavioral sciences has allowed us to activate people with our Call-To-Action. As a result, our company became the go-to for brands seeking a deep connection with their audiences.


Passionate about nurturing new talent πŸš€

With the network, know-how, and my own experience of making it as an artist, it makes sence for me to help new talent on their journey. By understanding their path, I'm able to allocate my resources in ways that facilitate career growth more efficiently.


Passionate about helping indie artists 🎸

As I said earlier, once an artist always an artist. I need to be deeply involved in the creation and distribution of music. Through strategic partnerships with BMG Rights Management and ADA Music Benelux (part of Warner Music Group), I assist artists creating and professionally distributing their music.


Passionate about educating makers πŸ“š

In order to help as many creators, makers, and artists as possible, I offer online video masterclasses, monthly bootcamps, release strategy program, and one-on-one consultations that teach them everything about personal branding, public relations and digital promotions.
All within my own academy!

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