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Hi, I'm Noah.

About Me

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A life that lead to this career

Noah Smits, a Dutch Creative Entrepreneur and Media Strategist, dedicates himself to empowering artists, makers, and creative brands to forge authentic connections with their audiences. Through his expertise in harvesting, analyzing, and interpreting psychographic (big) data, Noah develops effective media strategies across television, print, and digital platforms through his various organizations. Whether acting as manager, marketer, publisher, or mentor, Noah plays diverse roles in shaping careers and projects.

Noah’s passion for design, marketing, and music manifested early in life. As a toddler, he astounded others by naming car brands based on their headlights and discussing the wittiness of television commercials in depth. His love for music grew from hours spent composing tunes on Mario Paint for the Super Nintendo, showcasing his innate creative drive from a young age.

Following a turbulent childhood marked by the loss of his mother and time in foster care, Noah found solace and purpose in music. He immersed himself in learning multiple instruments and honing his skills, which led to playing in bands with musicians much older than him by age 16. His determination and talent propelled him to a European tour at 17 and acceptance into the prestigious Conservatory in Rotterdam at 20, mentored by top figures in the Dutch music industry.

Noah’s career reached new heights when he won a Dutch TV show similar to ‘Making The Band,’ securing a major record deal with EMI Music and management by a top agency. He enjoyed a packed festival season and garnered hits on national radio, building a valuable network along the way. Notably, his first major concert coincided with his late mother’s birthday, a poignant moment in his journey.

Transitioning from a successful music career, Noah launched a DJ school and tattoo shop, leveraging his self-taught media strategies to achieve rapid success. His interest in effective messaging deepened, driven by personal experiences with psychotherapy and a newfound fascination with behavioral science. This passion led him to innovate within the music industry, becoming a leading media strategist known for nurturing some of today’s top artists across the BeNeLux region.

Noah’s approach to media campaigns emphasizes listening to people rather than dictating to them, a philosophy that became his expertise. By analyzing psychographic data, he uncovers what motivates human behavior, tailoring media strategies that resonate on a personal level.

Under Noah’s leadership, People Amsterdam ascended to prominence in the music industry, collaborating with global icons and major record labels such as Ed Sheeran, Afrojack, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Rico Verhoeven, Universal Music, Sony Music, Warner Music, Tomorrowland, Spinnin’ Records, Armada Music, and countless other companies and personal brands.

In 2023, he expanded into music publishing and distribution through partnerships with BMG Rights Management Benelux and ADA Music Benelux (part of Warner Music Benelux), also venturing into talent management for artists driven by a similar obsessive hunger for success.

Today, Noah returns to the spotlight as a dynamic public speaker, inspiring and educating creatives, makers, and communication professionals. His College Tour across Europe and invitation to speak at South By Southwest in 2024 underscore his influence in disrupting industries and challenging the status quo.

Driven by an insatiable appetite for success, Noah continues to build remarkable careers, music, and campaigns, committed to creating disruption in everything he pursues.

The Four Organisations

With so many services, it makes sense to break them down into the four organizations, each with its own focus

Talks & Education

Talks & Education

My personal business focuses on public speaking about disruptive media strategies and educating and motivating makers through my academy and creative content

― Learn more
Distribution & Publishing

Distribution & Publishing

BRG handles our music services: facilitating music creation through our publishing partnership with BMG, distributing music through Warner's ADA Music, and assisting artists with their bookings

― Learn more
Talent MGMT & Development

Talent MGMT & Development

Through Taking Care Of Talent, we're able to develop talent in the entertainment industry and manage the careers of makers as they see their careers taking flight

― Learn more
Media Strategies

Media Strategies

Makers, creators, artists, and brands already represented by a management or agency can still reach out to us for strategic advice and consultation

― Learn more
Some of the beautiful companies, artists, and partners I've worked with
1986 - 2024


Let's have a look at some of the milestones in my life and career!


Born in the Netherlands

I'm a proud kid from the late eighties, born in the small city of Oosterhout in The Netherlands on the 23rd of November, 1986


Studying at the Conservatory, Rotterdam

I was one of the 4 bass players accepted at this prestigious Dutch Conservatory. Fun fact: I was in the same year as the bands Chef'Special and The Indien


Breakthrough as an artist

After winning a 'making the band' type TV show, I landed a major deal with EMI Music, playing 59 festivals in the first year and scoring numerous hits on Dutch radio


Started my first company

My first company was a house music record label called BLCKRNBW, which eventually evolved into BRG (Black Rainbow Group), a company I still own to this day and now offers publishing, distribution, and bookings


Started a DJ school and tattoos shop

My DJ & Producer School and The Tattoo Garden were the reasons I started learning marketing. Both companies grew surprisingly fast, and my love for marketing was born


The OG of helping independent artists

Back when Facebook was still popular, I began building my community of indie artists in a Facebook Group. As one of the firsts, I started empowering independent artists on a large scale, helping them grow their careers. With a full inbox and Zoom schedule, I became a beacon for information, something I'm passionate about


That one talk that kickstarted my agency

My former manager found out about my newfound marketing skills and arranged for me to give a talk about the ROI in music advertising. With practically the entire Dutch music industry in front of me, this kickstarted my first agency, Paúw Agency


Graduated from Public Speaker Academy

A week after that talk, I started at the Public Speaker Academy in London, where I learned everything about the use of stages, speaking techniques, and storytelling from the legend Andy Harrington himself, a speaker who has worked with Tony Robbins


Becoming one of the leading agencies

Paúw Agency evolved into People Amsterdam and became one of the leading agencies in the Netherlands for digital strategies and public relations. The company helped some of today's biggest artists become successful and even worked with international stars


Strategic partnerships with BMG & ADA

My first company evolved, and thanks to strategic partnerships with BMG Rights Management and ADA Music (Warner Music Group), I was now able to offer professional distribution and publishing services. This resulted in a catalog of 300 titles in the first year and developing new works with talented composers


A successful int. College Tour in Q4

My team organized a college tour through Holland, Belgium, France, Italy, and Estonia, which allowed me to speak about Communication Sciences at universities. The tour had everything you'd expect: sponsors, tour posters, and aftermovies


Being an official speaker at SXSW

One of my biggest dreams became reality, and even though it was just a small gig, I was invited as an official speaker at the world-famous South by Southwest Conference in Texas in March 2024


The birth of Taking Care Of Talent

With extensive experience on both sides of the music industry (artist and business), it made sense to start a talent management agency to help the new breed of passionate creators turn their passion into profit.

Wanna know more about me? Let's talk!

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